Looking Back

You will always be my favorite mistake.
the one I'd still choose,
even after millions of heartaches.

The one I'd still want to endlessly think 
about at night, asking the moon
will you ever be mine.

It's you who'd make me whole.
My kind of unrequited love,
the one i'd never regret.

How to turn sorrow into praise?

You are still loved and worthy 🌱

Stay, Rosa.

How to turn sorrow into praise? 

It’s one of the hardests, especially when you’ve known defeat, when you’ve known failure. Through it all, God wants us to celebrate our insufficiencies. Because in our weakness, that’s when His strength begins. Know that He has made everything beautiful in His time.

It is not yet your time. You have fought well, but “no” is still an answer. You have to see that “goodness” in His “No.” Maybe He’s preparing you for something greater. You just have to remain on track. You just have to remain still.

In the midst of defeat and losses, it’s difficult to see the light again. It’s difficult to see the purpose, but trust me, He has better plan in store.

He didn’t abandon you. You just stumbled. You have to know that He’s still there to lift you up.

Celebrate your sorrow as you declare His…

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Isn’t the sun a little lucky?
Always had the chance to kiss you
whenever its rays falls into you.

Isn’t the rain a little fortunate?
Never failed to soothe your feelings
as it pours down on your roof.

Aren’t I unfavorable?
‘Cause all I can do is earnestly desire
to give you warmth and comfort.

Art Illustration by Jae Liu Wubao

Flittery flirty feelings

I was his and he was mine,
when it was past midnight and he's 
standing outside our door patiently 
waiting for me.

I was his and he was mine,
when right at the moment he saw me, 
he held my hands and caressed my hair.

I was his and he was mine,
when after looking straight to my eyes, 
he wrapped his arms around me 
and gently pulled me close.

I was his completely,
when we kissed everything felt real 
and I made myself believe he was mine.

He was never the same the day after. 


Illustration by Valentini Mavrodoglou.